June 27, 2011

Space Week {weekly theme}

This summer I have decided to have a play theme each week.  I was inspired by Katherine Marie's theme of the week posts she has.  It's a fun way to keep things fresh around here.  I bring out new toys (usually homemade) and books related to a subject.  We play, read and eat snacks related to what we are learning about.  The first we was Space Week.  My son loves to learn things and he learned the planets this week and we made space packs and traveled to the planets and their moons many times that week.  Three weeks later (I'm a little late posting this), he still travels to space with his space pack.  Here is the space pack we made from a cracker box, paper, toilet paper rolls, paint and markers.

The funny thing about the music button is he loves to listen to music and see mommy and daddy with their Ipods when we go to workout, so he wanted to be sure to have a music button on his pack.

Getting ready to take off...first stop, Mercury!
Painting the tubes were messy and fun.  We were inspired by this book:

These last two weeks we have been learning about plants and bugs, working a lot in the garden.  It's been warm here, so we garden for a bit then play in the pool.  Fun times...I love summer.


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