June 17, 2011

Baseball Gourmet Night

We are big baseball fans in this house, well my husband and son (3 years old) are really obsessed.  I am an Okland A's fan and my husband and son are San Francisco Giants fans.  My husband and I go to games each year because it really is a fun time experiencing a game at the park.  I recently stumbled upon this gourmet night put on by Kate from Studio LIME designs.  I love some of the decorations she chose to use for the party, the jars of baseballs are great!

I like the Cracker Jacks and Babe Ruth candy

Soft pretzels, yummy

To see more great pictures, check out her party here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Renee! I just stumbled across your blog & wanted to thank you for posting my baseball party for your readers! Really cute blog & lots of fun ideas!


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