June 06, 2011


Hi y'all, I know I have kind of slacked on posting.  The last week of school is always crazy, but it is done and it is officially summer at my house (at least on the inside).  In Northern California, we are normally in the 90-100 degree temperature range.  Well, this month (yes month), we have had maybe 5 sunny days.  It has been rainy and thunderstorms for way too long.  We even had 4 tornadoes touch down 10 miles from my house a couple of weeks ago.  Tornadoes?  Here, pretty much unheard of.  Well, I just had to get out my weather vent. They say today was the last of it, and temperature should be warming up to the 80's.  I personally would like it a little warmer to heat up the pool, but I will take whatever sunshine I can get. 

Now that summer is here I have more time on my hands and some fun things planned party wise.  I also am enjoying quality time with my son. 

Until next time, here is a picture to help keep my motivated with this very unmotivating weather we are having.

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