January 17, 2011

Valentine's Party Treats

How was your weekend?  I have a three day weekend, so it is still going for me!  We have the day off in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.  I originally was looking forward to a sunny weekend, but the fog has not been lifting until late in the afternoons, so it has been cold.  I have been working on getting some of the details together for my son's Valentine's party.  The invites are going out tomorrow.  I am using the colors red, pink, kraft and white.  I am also going to incorporate owls into the party.  One of the food items I have been fascinated with lately are cake pops.  I bought the cake pops by Bakerella.  There are some great ones in there.  Of course the owl pops are ones that I am going to attempt. 
I am going to attempt them hopefully next weekend, so I can practice because they look a little complicated.  I'll let you know how they go.  I also bought a heart=shaped whoopie pie pan from Michael's.  I thought I may try to make these for him to bring to preschool the day of Valentine's Day. 

We'll see how worn out I am after the party.

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