February 09, 2012

Valentine...I have my eye on you!

So while pinning one evening, I found this cute valentine:
I loved it, but did not have a Cricut cartridge with a monster.  I also knew that my 4 year old could not cut something like that out, so I designed a monster valentine for my preschooler to color in.  

You can probably guess which one my four year old made.  I made a sample to show him what it could look like with googly eyes glued on.  He has loved coloring them in and they are all different.  On the inside he writes his name and is so proud of them.  I've always loved homemade Valentine's more than store bought ones.  Of course we will be attaching some sort of yummy to each one before he hands them out to his preschool buddies.  

I thought I would share, so here is a copy.  They print two to a page.  

I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know how they turn out for you.

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