August 19, 2011

Baseball Party Invite

Summer has come to an end around here.  I started back teaching this week and I am exhausted!  This group of incoming first graders are so cute!  Anyways, along with the craziness of the beginning of the year I also have to think about my son's birthday, my husband's birthday and our anniversary, all of which fall within three days of each other.  Crazy!!! 

Well our son has decided he wanted a baseball party, so I thought I would share the invite I have made for the occasion.

I made them so two would fit as a 4 X 6 photo.  When I have them developed, I can have two per photo and cut them in half.  That will make them about the size of a "real" ticket.  How fun is that!  I will share more of the preparations soon.  Have a great weekend.

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