September 19, 2012

Superhero Party

Wow!  It has been a while, but I have a fun party to share from this past weekend.  My son is into superheroes...big time!  So of course we had a superhero party.  My mom had made capes and masks out of felt and that was a huge hit with the heroes in training.  

Photo booth

When the kids first arrived, they either played with my son's superhero toys, punch balloons, or made a superhero craft. The craft was dress a superhero.  The parts were cut from the Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge.  All of the smaller pieces were run through my sticker machine (this was easier than using a glue stick for little hands).  They seemed to really enjoyed this.  It also enabled us to wait for everyone to arrive.
The finished superhero

After the superhero craft, we headed outside for superhero training.  The training consisted of an obstacle course and clearing the yard of all of the kryptonite (rocks spray painted bright green).  What a blast that was!  There was a lot of kryptonite and they took initiative to find it all.  After finding all of the dangerous kryptonite, they were ready for some swimming.

Lunch consisted of hot dogs, fruit, veggies and cupcakes.  I also had sandwich stuff for the adults. 

The cupcakes were kryptonite cupcakes.  The inside was red, yellow and blue cupcake (per my son's request) with white frosting.  They were topped with green rock candy or I mean kryptonite.  We also had some cake pops around for the moms.

Here are some more decoration pictures from the party.

I have to thank Pinterest for oodles of ideas.  I just love that site.  The circle food printables came from One Charming Party.  The Someday I'll Be a Superhero came from this cute Etsy shop.  All of the other printables I designed.

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