March 09, 2011

30 days of lists

Okay...I know I am trying to simplify, BUT how cool is this idea.  30 days of lists.  I have to admit, I love lists!  I make them on a daily basis.  In fact, I use the daily docket and love it.  Well, when I came across this idea I had to jump on board.  I am starting a little late(it seems this challenge began on March 1st), but it is easy to jump on board any time.  Here is the blog about it:

30 Days of Lists

List #1 is A Few Things About I thought I would share
  • a wife and mommy
  • list maker
  • traveler
  • crafter/scrapbooker
  • wanna be photgrapher
  • teacher
  • party planner
  • beer snob
  • outdoorsy gal
  • multi-tasker (I am a female)
  • lucky
Now I just need to find a journal to keep all of my lists in!

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